St. Patrick’s Day Parade held Sunday in Slidell

The Olde Towne Slidell Association toasted the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day court at Slidell City Hall before the parade rolled Sunday.

 State Rep. Greg Cromer was grand marshal and Peggy Cromer was queen. The dukes were Tom Collins, state Rep. Kevin Pearson, Thomas Reeves and Eddie Reso; maids were Kathleen DesHotel, Nancy Pearson, Brandee Santini and Tanya Witchen.

Alex Felder was an honorary duke. His mother, Shawn Bates Felder, was a maid in the first Slidell St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1976. His aunt Angelique Bates was a maid in 1982. His great-uncle “Sleepy” Leon André Saraille was grand marshal in 1983.


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